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Rethink and don't be afraid to disrupt in Future Internet Architecture
seamless interoperability with no (large and complex) standards
ICT 2015, 20th October 2015
 Paulo Chainho (PT Inovação)

Two Ways
Two Worlds
Old Fashioned Federated
Telco World
OTT World, Vibrant 
but Walled Garden 
Federation requires well defined standards
Standards enable 
universal interoperability
Each Telco distributes 
its services to its own user base
Telco federation 
is worldwide
"BDUK Broadband (14626513882)" by btphotosbduk - BDUK Broadband. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons -
But standards agreements takes a long time
Time to market is long
Lack of differentiation between Telco

Limited Innovation

Too Many
High Delivery Costs

Reliable Service
OTT are much more 
competitive and Agile
OTT are leading 
Communication Innovation
OTT are not 
by Standards
OTT Silos locked-in
Can't interoperate with users from
other domains
No portability of Identity or User Data
There is a
Third Way
the    reTHINK     way
leverages the 
best of both 
OTT and 
Telco models
 Trusted worldwide cooperative
service delivery model
Changing the DNA of Telcos and Webcos
A new GENOME: 
Good Enough Network of Moving Endpoints 
  • non-territorial, 
    quick to launch 
  • Independent identities 
  • Adopt ‘Good Enough'
     QoS service 
  • Accept 3rd party software
     downloads to devices 

  • Independent identities 
  • Interworking with
  • Collaborative QoS
     routing with SLA 

It is a change of DNA
 for Webcos 
It is a change of DNA
 for Telcos
 Identity and Personal Data
 under User Control
A disruptive portable identity and trust model 
that will fit to any customer need, from H2H to IoT communications

Hyperty is securely
associated to users
Hyperty executes
in Web Runtimes
Web Microservice representing
Users in client's Devices
 or in the network
Hyperty Concept
Protocol On-The-Fly 
Enables seamless interoperability 
Runtime manages
protocol stubs
and Identities
Hyperties are Agnostic of Protocols
thanks to Protocol on-the-fly
Hyperties and
Protocol Stubs
executes in isolated
Protocol Stubs are gateways
outside the runtime
Hyperty Runtime designed by Security
Communication Across Domains
Protocol Stub dynamically 
deployed in the Runtime
Standard JSON
Beyond Web Calling and Telco networks
Global, rich, contextual,  
Open to all,
Easy development for new startups 
Based on a distributed framework on the Web 

New Hyperty Service paradigm focused on the User
Choice on Trust and QoS level
Minimal core network platform
Applied broadly to any communication mean (H2H, M2M)
The    reTHINK     Way
Without Federation
With No 
(large and complex)

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