Demonstration of 5G end-to-end validation platform

Final 5G EVE webinar

Milon Gupta

In the final 5G EVE webinar on 26th May 2021, the project consortium presented the major achievements in the development and use of the 5G EVE validation platform to an audience of 60 participants. As a highlight, the 5G EVE team demonstrated live the multi-site capabilities of the platform.

In addition, experts from the consortium presented new platform features like, for example, performance diagnostics, and demonstrated the 5G EVE gaming use case as an illustration of the multi-site capabilities of the 5G EVE platform.

In a short training session in the last part of the webinar, experts from the four 5G EVE sites shared practical knowledge on platform usage, which will be useful for the utilization of the platform beyond the duration of the project.

The webinar was particularly aimed at current and future 5G EVE platform users from 5G PPP use case projects and innovative SMEs, who would like to test and validate their 5G solutions in the most effective way.

Further information
Slides and videos of the presentations are available on the webinar page –

Presentation of the 5G EVE multi-site gaming use case by Luis Contreras from Telefonica

5G EVE experiment work flow for vertical multi-site use cases, presented by Jaime Garcia-Reinoso, University Carlos III de Madrid

Demonstration of the 5G EVE multi-site gaming use by Javier Serrano from UPM

Demo of the 5G EVE performance diagnosis for vertical use cases by Yannis Chondroulis from Wings ICT