European Green Digital Coalition established

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On 19 March 2021, 26 CEOs of companies, including 13 European telecom CEOs, signed a declaration to support the Green and Digital Transformation of the EU. They formed the European Green Digital Coalition, committing on behalf of their companies to take action in the following areas:

• To invest in the development and deployment of greener digital technologies & services that are more energy and material efficient,

• Develop methods and tools to measure the net impact of green digital technologies on the environment and climate by joining forces with NGOs and relevant expert organisations, and

• Co-create with representatives of others sectors recommendations and guidelines for green digital transformation of these sectors that benefits environment, society and economy.

The European Green Digital Coalition will help not only the tech sector to become more sustainable, circular and a zero polluter, but also to support sustainability goals of other priority sectors such as energy, transport, agriculture, and construction while contributing to an innovative, inclusive and resilient society. Its members will work closely with the European Commission and others to deliver on their commitments and will report regularly on progress made. In 2022, the first available results and progress reports will be presented. 45 SMEs and startups support the European Green Digital Coalition, and many will take the sustainability commitments to join in the near future.

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