CELTIC-NEXT Events in a nutshell

Past Events

EuCNC 2022 & 2023

CELTIC-NEXT and its strategic partnering Cluster Xecs held a joint booth at EuCNC 2022 in Grenoble, France, and at EuCNC 2023 in Gothenburg, Sweden. Both events were very good occasions for both Clusters to meet with the European ICT community members and exchange on inter-governmental funding opportunities offered by the Eureka network of countries within and beyond European borders. AINET Flagship was also present to display the excellence of the CELTIC-NEXT projects.

Xavier Priem, CELTIC Office Director and Nadja Rohrbach, Xecs Director

Eureka HLG/HLR Meetings under ­Portugese Chairmanship

Four times per rotating chairmanship, the ­Eureka High Level Group and High-Level Representatives of the Eureka country members meet to check the status of the Eureka Programmes (including the Clusters). CELTIC-NEXT’s Director attended several Portugal led meetings to represent the interests of the CELTIC-NEXT community, discussing funding, alignment of topics and strategies, timelines of national calls, etc. One of the targets of those meetings is to attract new countries of the ­Network to fund CELTIC-NEXT projects. Canada has become a full member of Eureka, Chile as joint member

As an example, the ESA partnership with CELTIC-NEXT and Eureka got signed during the Porto meeting. Also during those meetings the United Kingdom representatives announced their increased support to the Clusters.

Group photo of the Eureka Network meeting in Porto, Portugal

Eureka HLG/HLR Meetings under Turkish Chairmanship

CELTIC-NEXT’s Director attended the Brussels’, Ankara’s and Izmir’s meetings. Both meetings were important for the Clusters and thus for CELTIC-NEXT. At CELTIC-NEXT’s level, very fruitful discussions took place with over 20 countries, including Chile as new country for CELTIC-NEXT but also with Brazil that will be an associated Eureka country starting mid-2024. This reinforces one of the CELTIC-NEXT’ unique selling points: the ability to have cooperative innovation with countries outside of Europe. Actions have been defined with both countries to introduce CELTIC-NEXT to their national eco-systems.

Group photo at the Eureka HLG/HLR Network meeting in Izmir, Türkiye

Further information

  • https://eurekanetwork.org/about-us/chair/
  • https://www.celticnext.eu/celtic-next-participate-first-eureka-network-meetings-under-the-turkish-chair-22-23-november-2023/

CELTIC-NEXT Proposers’ Brokerage Day in Paris

Due to and during COVID-19 Pandemics, CELTIC-NEXT took the decision to stop all CELTIC-NEXT’s regularly organised physical events such as Proposers’ Brokerage Days and CELTIC-NEXT annual promotional events. Even if COVID-19 is still present, it is now better mastered and physical meetings have rebooted all over the world. Recognising this, CELTIC-NEXT organised its first post-COVID-19 event at “le Hub by BPIfrance” in Paris, with the support of the French Public Authority in Eureka: BPIfrance. Despite the strikes blocking half of our registered attendees, the event was a success, with keynotes from the Industry and from BPIfrance.

Further information

  • https://www.celticnext.eu/past-proposers-days/

CELTIC-NEXT Proposers’ Brokerage Day at the BPI Le Hub in Paris