MWC Barcelona 2024

Several Eurescom projects participated in the world’s most influential connectivity event

From the 27th of February to the 2nd of March 2024, the global mobile ecosystem organisation GSMA hosted the 14th edition of the Mobile World Congress. This year, the event witnessed a total of 101,000 unique in-person attendees from 205 countries. Among them, 59% were professionals from the sector of core mobile ecosystem. Amidst, of the 2,700 exhibitors, sponsors and partners in the conference programme, were selected Eurescom projects.

Joint demonstration booth of the SNS JU projects, 6G-SANDBOX and CENTRIC

Keysight Technologies in collaboration with the partners NVIDIA and InterDigital participated to promote two demonstrations from the SNS JU project 6G-SANDBOX and CENTRIC from 27th to 29th Feb 2024.

Both projects are running under the Smart Networks and Services Industry Association (SNS JU). They showcased their latest wireless innovations, including Nemo Wireless Network Solutions, such as 6G using AI Neural Receiver Design and AI/ML and sensing in 6G solutions.

Michael Dieudonne, project coordinator of 6G-SANDBOX Project (Keysight Technologies), Sebastian Cammerer (NVIDIA), Alejandro Villena Rodríguez (Keysight Technologies) and Germán Corrales Madueño (Keysight Technologies).

OPTI-6G at the MWC 2024

One of Eurescom’s newly started project, OPTI-6G, participated at the MWC 2024 through one of its consortium partners, RunEL, between the 27th and 29th of February 2024. Amid, among the other innovative start-ups, RunEL presented its technology and experience, and the OPTI-6G project challenge to design low cost, light weight, low electronic footprint Optical Wireless Communications Remote Units (O-RUs) that can be elegantly integrated into near IR access points.

6G-SANDBOX presentation at the Spanish Pavilion

On the 27th of February, Alfonso Carrillo Aspiazu, Senior Architect in Edge and Telco Solutions at OpenNebula Systems, presented at the Spanish Pavilion on “Accelerating 5G deployment on the Telco Edge with Open Nebula”. He presentation included innovations from 6G-SANDBOX project and the announcement of their Second Open Call.

During the full day, he and his colleague, Bruno Rodriguez, also hosted a booth to present the company and the latest results of 6G-SANDBOX project.

Alfonso Carrillo Aspiazu presenting at the Spanish Pavilion.

MCW Barcelona 2024 in numbers, event report image.


Mobile World Congress 2024 provided a platform where technology, community and commerce converge and hence an opportunity for Eurescom projects to disseminate their results in person and to expand their network and representation in the technical world.

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