5G PPP White Paper on 5G for verticals

The 5G PPP Technology Board and the 5G IA Verticals Task Force have published a White Paper on “Empowering Vertical Industries through 5G Networks – Current Status and Future Trends” (20 August 2020). This white paper summarises the progress and results produced by the projects of the 5G PPP programme in regard to the development of innovative 5G network services for vertical industries. It analyses 5G requirements and the business case for the use of 5G by verticals. Furthermore, the report presents exemplary use cases from eleven vertical sectors and identifies key 5G features that have been used to meet the specified requirements.

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The White Paper is relevant for defining future research and innovation activities beyond 5G. The outcomes of the 5G PPP will serve as the basis for the Smart Networks and Services (SNS) programme, which aims to organise the European research and innovation activities for the evolution of communication networks in the timeframe until 2028. One of the main objectives of the SNS programme is the full digitisation of vertical industries.

Further information

White Paper on 5G for verticals – https://zenodo.org/record/3698113