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While 5G networks are still being deployed, work on 6G, the sixth generation of mobile communication technologies, has already begun. Will 6G just be an evolutionary update of 5G? Or will it achieve a new innovation level in connecting people, robots and things? Researchers all over the world have started to explore these and more questions along the road towards 6G.

In this issue of Eurescom message, we provide a glimpse on what is done in Europe to move towards 6G. We present selected research and innovation projects that are already working on different technological aspects that may later become parts of the 6G standard.

In the first article of the cover theme, Eurescom message editor Uwe Herzog gives an overview on activities and concepts currently being explored on the road to 6G. The next article by the Head of Nokia Standards, Peter Merz, presents the EU flagship project on 6G, Hexa-X. Peter Merz is also the interview partner in our exclusive cover theme interview, which follows an article by Eurescom message editor Anastasius Gavras on global initiatives towards 6G. In the next article, an author team from the ARIADNE project share their insights on Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces for 6G. In the final article of the cover theme, Yue Zhang from the University of Leicester presents the technological vision of the 6G BRAINS project.

This edition of Eurescom message also includes a variety of further articles on different, ICT-related topics. See, for example, the new opinion article by Eurescom director David Kennedy on the challenges of personally dealing with ubiquitous data collection in his column “The Kennedy Perspective”. Under “Events”, we report about two interesting virtual events – the IEEE International Symposium on Broadband Multimedia Systems and Broadcasting and the roundtables of the 5G-VINNI project on TelecomTV. See also our “News in brief” section, which features the latest release of the 5G PPP white paper on 5G architecture and the new ENISA threat landscape report. Finally, in the latest “A bit beyond” article you can learn about AI machines becoming inventors.

One comment on our own behalf: the print edition of this issue of Eurescom message is printed on recycled paper certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This reflects our commitment to the sustainable use of natural resources.

My editorial colleagues and I hope you will find value in this edition of Eurescom message, and we would appreciate your comments on the ­current issue as well as suggestions for future ­issues. Enjoy reading our magazine.

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