We’ve created a movie on the achievements of our project. Watch here in this playlist the different formats.

October 19th 2018: EBU New Radio Day Dublin

At the New Radio Day in Dublin at RTÉ Werner Bleisteiner from BR presented the results from our project to EBU member representatives  of 25 countries.

May 15th 2018: 2nd ORPHEUS workshop at IRT Munich

Here are all presentations from our 2nd workshop in a playlist from the IRT Mediathek on YouTube.


February 12th-15th 2018: EBU Radio Week Geneva

At EBU Digital Radio Summit Werner Bleisteiner from BR outlines the ORPHEUS project.


At EBU Radio Hack 2018 Werner Bleisteiner from BR explains briefly object-based broadcasting and shows simple concept of a variable length program.


December 13th-14th 2017: 2nd project review by EC at BBC Broadcasting House London

Presentation and demonstration of the full ORPHEUS object-based audio broadcasting chain to the EC project officer and reviewers Dec. 14th 2017 (video with binaural sound)


Rehearsal and testing of the BBC’s ORPHEUS object-based IP studio Dec. 13th 2017 (video with binaural sound)


September 15th – 19th 2017: IBC Amsterdam

Video from IET published by IBC.  Andrew Mason from BBC R&D explains the concept of object-based audio and their work for ORPHEUS in pilot phase 1.

ORPHEUS Info loop IBC:

Basic ADM workflow in MAGIX’ SEQUOIA:


June 13th 2017: 1st ORPHEUS wokshop at BBC Broadcasting House London

Short film about the 1st ORPHEUS Workshop at the BBC’s New Broadcasting House in London, UK


November 22nd 2016: IMIS Bernard Happé Lecture London

“To Immersive Audio and Beyond: New Experiences in Broadcasting” the annual Bernard Happé Lecture of the International Moving Image Society (IMIS) London, by Chris Baume, Chris Pike and Simon Tuff from the BBC focuses on the ORPHEUS project.

November 17th – 20th 2016: VDT Tonmeistertagung Cologne

Andreas Silzle from Fraunhofer IIS explains the ORPHEUS project (in German)

Michael Weitnauer from IRT  explains workflows for next generation audio (in German)

April 4th 2016: Web AUdio Conference Atlanta, Georgia

Frank Melchior from BBC R&D introduces their vision of object-based media in the future

Michael Weitnauer from IRT presents BogJS and other object-based audio developments for WebAudio API

April 1st 2016: Schoeps MikroForum Karlsruhe

Werner Bleisteiner from BR introduces ORPHEUS and the object-based audio perspectives for broadcasting (in German)