ReTHINK live applications

DT Call Center

Implementation of a hyperty based WebRTC application compatible and interoperable with the Connector application from the dev-hyperty repository.
Code is accessible here

Discovery Service

reTHINK Discovery Service is basically a service to find other communication partner. We are used to use search engines like google when we want to find information about a certain topic. In the same way we can search for persons or also devices. We formulate a search query like “Michael Mueller T-Labs” or “reTHINK Project” in order to find a so called profile of a person. Also queries like “who want’s to buy my Mercedes 220 SL “can lead to results. Although this service is easy to use like a classic search engine there are fundamental differences.
More information can be found here

Contact App

This application is an example that illustrate the identity concepts of rethink and extends it to the legacy.
Code is accessible here

IdP Openid Connect

This server is adapted from Nat Sakumura PhPOIDC implementation. A demo application to register a new client and to use the IdP for a client application is provided (folder demo). It is tuned to provide an IdP proxy compatible with W3C and IETF specifications regarding WebRTC security architecture.
Code is accessible here

Global Registry

Global Registry is a DHT-based global directory service, mapping user identifiers to the associated service domains: the GUID is resolved to a digitally signed dataset, comprising all associated service domains and respective identities of the user account.
Code is accessible here

Rethink Hello World Call Center

This application is the minimum set of code to be able to use the reThink Framework, and load an hyperty to setup a call.
Code is accessible here

IoT Integration — Hotel Room Control

The Hotel Room Control Scenario aims at illustrating how to integrate Hyperty-based Web applications with the IoT Domain.

The provided Hyperty allows to control the light in a hotel room. A live video stream of the light is included in the hyperty’s interface to provide immediate feedback on the manipulation of the light for remote demonstration purposes.

The light is attached to a standard compliant LWM2M server, which holds configuration information for the light.

This information is manipulated via the provided Hyperty to turn the light on or off and to change the color of the light.

Access to the light is restricted via access tokens.

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