TADSummit Revisited – Paulo Chainho answers questions on the reTHINK project

After the presentation of December during the Tadsummit (http://blog.tadsummit.com/2015/11/20/tadsummit-keynotes-2/) Paulo Chainho has been invited to give an update of the reTHINK project. He answered the following questions:

  1. What is meant by service delivery? Is it required given the rise of cloud computing, open source, APIs, and countless SaaS – services can easily pop up with an optimized delivery infrastructure?
  2. When you mention micro-services, are you talking about environments like Docker?
  3. Hasn’t the online world already solved the problem of P2P service architecture enabling dynamic trusted relationships among distributed entities? For example, Slack, Facebook, Google+, etc?
  4. Is the silo problem significant? Does not the market decide which platforms are most popular, e.g. snapchat, skype, whatsapp. The use case defines the preferred platform, e.g. school children using ooVoo while doing homework, families spread across the world video chatting over Skype on a weekend, within a enterprise people messaging via Slack or Spark to discuss a project?
  5. Facebook is not forced on everybody, is it not up to the individual to determine the level at which they share personal information for free-services. People pay their ISP and expect privacy, while people use Google knowing the information will be used to target them?
  6. Given the focus is not standards, is the focus rather letting the market decide? Is the advice really, copy the web?
  7. Does quality of transport service matter?
  8. Can Telcos really change? Isn’t becoming an ISP, and having bundled service providers like Google’s Android Messenger (RCS + Google stuff) the inevitable conclusion?
  9. Who is building the open source reference architecture?
  10. How do you plan to engage telcos or developers to adopt this reference architecture?

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