Webinar on reTHINK framework now available as video recording

In a reTHINK webinar on 21 June 2017, reTHINK project coordinator Anastasius Gavras from Eurescom GmbH, Germany, presented the framework for decoupling identity and service developed by Horizon 2020 project reTHINK.

A video recording of the webinar as well as the presentation slides are now available for anyone to watch who could not attend.

The Q&A part of the webinar included a productive discussion with the audience on technological as well as business and policy aspects of identity management and its impact on data privacy protection. One of the questions was, if leaving the choice of identity provider to end users will create a higher cognitive load for them. Another group of questions targeted reTHINK’s value proposition from a business point of view. Participants asked, if the reTHINK concept implies a challenge to dominant market players like Google and Facebook, or whether the framework assumes a central identity provider.

The background for the reTHINK solution is that currently users have little control over their data on social media platforms. In order to comply with the EU General Data Protection Regulation, which will come into effect in May 2018, network operators and service providers need to put mechanisms in place that give users a higher degree of transparency and control over their stored personal data than they have now. The reTHINK solution provides a way to address this. The reTHINK solution utilises hybrid service concepts for communication between humans and objects.

How to return control over user data back to the user – The reTHINK framework. By Anastasius Gavras [Slides for download in pdf format]

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