Learn more about some parts of the SELFNET Framework for Self-Organized Network Management in Virtualised and Software Defined Networks.
See our latest achievments in the SELFNET architecture, and its envisioned capabilities in managing future 5G networks in a highly autonomic and intelligent fashion, demonstrated via three use cases in self-healing against network failures, self-protection against cyber-attacks and self-optimisation for improved network performance.

Our demos in detail:

Discovery & Monitoring

This video / demo showcases SELFNET’s Discovery & Monitoring module that enables physical, virtual, sensor and flow monitoring in the SELFNET framework.


In this video SELFNET presents the second scenario of its SELF OPTIMIZATION use case. In this scenario the YouQoS-Sensor gives the end-user the possibility to prioritise its data streams for his own preferences to guarantee its QoS.


Detecting and mitigating potential cyber-attacks conducted by a botnet – This demo showcases self-protection capabilities of the SELFNET framework in detecting and isolating hacked devices shaping a botnet by dynamically configuring detection tools as sensors, when and where they are needed, and deploying a virtualized and personalized honeynet as an actuator network function to isolate cyber-attacks detected.


Proactive Self-healing mechanisms for Infrastructure Vulnerability-HoN monitoring – This demo showcases self-healing capabilities of the SELFNET framework in maintaining infrastructure QoS based on proactive decisions (Fix before Break) by deploying Resource-Action-based Actuators on the network.


This demo showcases the SELFNET APP onboarding, encapsulation and lifecycle management, and is divided in two parts. The first one showing the one-click procedure for onboarding of VNFs and SDN-Apps. The second one showing the instantiation, configuration and then automated re-configuration of VNFs by means of the SELFNET VNFM.

Topology Viewer

This video/demo showcases SELFNET’s network topology viewer that enables operators to correlate physical, virtual and user equipment resources in real time using an appealing and intuitive interface.

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