Effective Network Management in 5G

SELFNET Industry Workshop
Heidelberg, Germany | 24 May 2018

The  SELFNET Industry Workshop provided first-hand information on the innovative network management framework developed by 5G-PPP project SELFNET. Over 30 participants from across Europe discussed with the SELFNET developers and their peers the challenges and solutions for effectively managing telecoms networks in a way that reduces both security risks and costs.

SELFNET network management framework

Pedro Miguel Neves from Altice Labs

Pedro Miguel Neves from Altice Labs explaining the SELFNET network management framework

The SELFNET network management framework, which was presented at the workshop, has the potential to help network operators manage their 5G networks more effectively while reducing operational expenditure. In particular, the framework provides three major benefits for 5G networks:

  • The SELFNET framework helps operators build a resilient network infrastructure for 5G, which makes the most effective use of the network technologies they already have.
  • The SELFNET framework enables service providers to significantly reduce the time for service creation, depending on the conditions down to about 10 minutes.
  • The SELFNET framework can help network operators significantly reduce the total cost of ownership for their network infrastructures.


10:30-11:00 On-site registration and networking

11:00-11:10 Welcome and programme overview – Milon Gupta, Marketing and PR Manager, Eurescom

11:10-11:40 How SELFNET results contribute to autonomous networking in 5G
– Pedro Miguel Neves, Solutions Architect, Altice Labs

11:40-12:05 Commercial exploitation approaches of SELFNET
– Giacomo Bernini, R&D Technical Coordinator, Nextworks

12:05-12:15 Introduction to demonstration of selected SELFNET results
– Mathias Strufe, Researcher, DFKI GmbH

12:15-14:15 Networking lunch and demonstration of selected SELFNET results

SELFNET demos at Industry Workshop

Strong interest in SELFNET use case results at the demo tables

SELFNET use case results explained at demo tables:

  1. AI in 5G – Zero Touch Network in the Self-Healing Context (Demo Table 1)
  2. Trust Node – Hardware accelerated Self Optimization Use Case (Demo Table 2)
  3. SELFNET GUI – Your Network status at a glance (Demo Table 3)
  4. Self-Healing Use Case: Autonomous VNF fault mitigation (Demo Table 4)
  5. SDN/ NFV Application Management (Demo Table 5)
  6. Cybersecurity Techniques in the Self Protection Use Case (Demo Table 6)

14:15-15:15 Panel discussion

Autonomous network management in 5G – Vision, results, and next steps

Panel participants - SELFNET Industry Workshop

Panel participants at the SELFNET Industry Workshop (from left): moderator David Kennedy (Eurescom), Maria Barros (Eurescom), Giacomo Bernini (Nextworks), Raymond Forbes (Huawei), Sławomir Kukliński (Orange Poland), Eunice Ribeiro (Ubiwhere), and Kieran Sullivan (Waterford Institute of Technology)

The SELFNET results mark an important step on the way to autonomous 5G network management based on artificial intelligence. The key question now is: what next?
Leading European network management experts shared their insights on what has been and what should be done on the road to autonomous and automated 5G networks.

Panel participants:

  • Maria Barros, Eurescom, SELFNET project coordinator
  • Giacomo Bernini, R&D Technical Coordinator, Nextworks
  • Raymond Forbes, Huawei, ETSI Experiential Network Intelligence Group
  • Sławomir Kukliński, Senior Researcher, Orange Poland
  • Eunice Ribeiro, EU Programmes Manager, Ubiwhere
  • Kieran Sullivan, Waterford Institute of Technology, co-chair of 5G PPP Network Mgt & QoS WG

Moderator: David Kennedy, Director of Eurescom

15:15-15:30 Outlook on future research in the area of autonomous network management
– Anastasius Gavras, Eurescom, SELFNET project coordinator


Our industry workshop attracted a diverse international audience of representatives from telecoms network operators, vendors and solution providers. This includes representatives from:

  • Innovation and operations departments at network operators and service providers
  • Innovation and product development at telecoms vendors
  • Relevant bodies like the 5G Infrastructure Association.

 Venue, date and time

  • Venue: Print Media Academy, Heidelberg, Germany
  • Date: Thursday, 24 May 2018
  • Time: 10:30 – 15:30

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