Self-protection Use Case

GOAL: Detect and mitigate effects of cyber-attacks and restore 5G network traffic to a steady state of security.
HOW: VNFs (virtual Traffic monitor/DPI, virtual Threat Management System, virtual honeynets, virtual Intrusion Protection System) deployed and chained at different locations of the network (e.g., at the mobile access, PoP or in the core).
• New way of deploying multi-tenant security services distributed across edge and core 5G networks.
• New business opportunities for network and service providers (security as a service).

Self-healing Use Case

GOAL: Detect and predict common failures/malfunctioning in 5G network infrastructure (hw/sw failures, infrastructure/operation vulnerabilities or power supply interruptions) to apply reactive or preventive recovery.
HOW: Self-healing analyzer to infer Health of Network metrics coupled with self-healing diagnosis intelligence to derive potential problems. Decision making intelligence to realize proactive healing responses.
• Intelligent management capabilities to improve the QoE/QoS of 5G systems.
• Infrastructure metrics and SLAs indicators to infer HoN metrics and implement context-aware decisions in 5G Control Plane.

Self-optimisation Use Case

GOAL: Autonomic behaviors to automatically respond to degradation of QoE levels (either actual or predicted), coupled with end-to-end proactive energy management for optimized resource deployment across the 5G network.
HOW: SELFNET monitoring and analysis tools to either observe or predict massive video traffic loads; self-adjusting traffic management mechanisms for reduction of delay and loss in video, placing intelligent encoding and packet marking schemes.
• Sensors, actuators and decision making logic to realize QoE-based video streaming.
• Novel energy monitoring sensors to develop a global view of energy usage across the network.

Hybrid Use Case

This use case aims to provide a complex hybrid use case in which all the previous self-organising functionalities will be integrated and will interwork together to present a complete scenario where the SELFNET Apps act vertically in solving problems in a coordinated fashion.

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