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5G has further increased the importance of cybersecurity. While network security has already been of high importance, the new usage scenarios enabled by 5G have dramatically increased the stakes. Just think of automated driving and IoT applications in factories, and it becomes clear that network security has become not only a central topic for the ICT domain, but for economy and society as a whole.

In this issue of Eurescom message, we explore what is done in Europe to advance security and trust in 5G and beyond. We present selected research and innovation projects that have contributed to novel solutions for making 5G and future 6G networks more secure.

In the first article of the cover theme, Eurescom message editor Anastasius Gavras gives an overview on security and trust in 5G and beyond. The next article presents 5G PPP project INSPIRE-5Gplus and its holistic security vision for 5G and beyond networks.

In an exclusive interview for Eurescom message, three cybersecurity experts from ENISA share their views on security threats and strategies for 5G and beyond.

In the final article of the cover theme, a team from the 5G-VINNI project present the defence perspective on 5G, adding another dimension to the topic.

This edition of Eurescom message also includes a variety of further articles on different, ICT-related topics. See, for example, the new opinion article by Eurescom director David Kennedy on the drawbacks of working from home in his column “The Kennedy Perspective”. Under “Events”, we report about three important virtual events – the final workshop of 5G PPP infrastructure project 5G EVE, the Joint EuCNC & 6G Summit, and a workshop on liability and accountability organised by the INSPIRE-5Gplus project. See also our “News in brief” section, which features the European Green Digital Coalition and the latest Ericsson report on 5G mobile subscriptions. Finally, in the latest “A bit beyond” article you can learn about the dark side of data.

My editorial colleagues and I hope you will find value in this edition of Eurescom message, and we would appreciate your comments on the current issue as well as suggestions for future issues. Enjoy reading our magazine.

Milon Gupta