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EuresTools Pricing

In the project proposal phase, Horizon Europe consortia can use the EuresTools® collaboration modules Workspace, Conferencing and Mailing List for free upon request.

In the project implementation phase, Horizon Europe projects can get EuresTools® fees 100% refunded by the European Commission within their project budget.
We recommend to include the EuresTools® fee already in the budget of your project proposal, in order to avoid reallocating funds.

Please contact us via e-mail at  to discuss the EuresTools® modules you need and to receive an offer. See the descriptions of EuresTools® modules for the service scope covered by the standard fees and the additional services for each module. Clicking the respective module name in the table leads you to the description.

* The fees are calculated on a monthly basis – either per partner organisation or per individual user – from the start of the service period to its end; only for EuresTools Website there is a one-time setup fee. The minimum number of partners is 5; the minimum number of individual users (currently only applying to EuresTools Workspace) is 50. The minimum number of months is 12. If less partners and/or a shorter service period are agreed, the fee is increased accordingly. The service scope is defined in the individual EuresTools module descriptions. VAT is not included.

** The one-time setup fee and the monthly fee for hosting and technical maintenance are based on a standard website for a €1m to €10m RDI project. Fees for larger, more complex websites are provided upon request.

*** The minimum number of individual users is 50.

EuresTools Module
Fees *
€ 10.00 per partner/month
Website **
€ 750 + € 65/month
€ 5.00 per partner/month
Workspace ***
€ 6.50 per user/month
€ 5.00 per partner/month
Mailing List
€ 5.00 per partner/month