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EuresTools Tracker

EuresTools® Tracker is a Cloud-based tool for tracking and controlling dissemination activities and results.

Tracker provides an easy overview on activities and results, and it facilitates the process of agreeing on dissemination documents. In addition, the tool provides an automated integration of dissemination results on the project website, which significantly shortens time and effort for publishing dissemination documents on the web.

Through an easy-to-use export function, Tracker enables Horizon 2020 project coordinators to prepare up-to-date tables on dissemination activities for reports to the European Commission. Lists of dissemination activities and documents are fully customisable.

Service Scope

The service scope of Tracker covered by the standard EuresTools® fee includes:

  • Tool setup
  • Technical maintenance
  • user manual
  • technical help desk
  • 2 years archiving of data after project end

Additional services available upon request:

  • Online user training
  • Entry of dissemination data based on input provided by consortium partners
  • Export of publications list to website
  • Generation of customised reports on demand, e.g. for periodic reporting