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Studies on Strategic Topics in ICT

Eurescom performs collaborative studies on strategic topics defined by clients from the ICT industry.


Strategic Studies are an efficient way of exploring technological and socio-economic topics of high relevance for the future development of markets in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector as well as vertical markets. Eurescom has more than two decades of experience in orchestrating short and focused studies on topics of strategic interest for leading European ICT industry players.

The main benefits of commissioning a Eurescom study include:

  • Clarity on a topic of strategic importance to your business.
  • Access to a large network of experts and industry players.
  • Fast and cost-efficient production of results.


Eurescom is open to perform a study on any topic you consider strategically important to your organisation, as long as it is related to ICT. The range of topics includes short- to mid-term topical areas like, e.g., 6G or IoT as well as longer-term topical areas like the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on different business sectors.


The process for launching a Eurescom study is simple:

  • You tell us the topic you would like to explore, and if you would like to get other industry players involved in the study.
  • We discuss with you the scope of the study in terms of contents, duration and type of partners to be involved.
  • Based on this discussion, we make you an offer. If other organisations decide to participate in the study, the Eurescom fee will be shared. If you wish, Eurescom will use its large network in the European ICT domain to find suitable collaborators (paid individual experts and co-sponsoring organisations) for the study.
  • After you have ordered the study, we will provide a plan for implementing the study and launch it.
  • After the study is completed, the results – typically in the form of study reports – will be produced and given to you and, if it applies, to the other organisations sponsoring and participating in the study.