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EuresTools Website

EuresTools® Website provides a front-end for public project web sites.

EuresTools® Website is technically based on WordPress, an Open Source content management system (CMS). This includes a user-friendly content management system and secure and flexible account and login administration. WordPress is a web-based Content management system (CMS), which allows users with an account to create web content via a text-based interface through a web browser without any HTML editing involved. The CMS offers undo and transaction rollback capability and other advanced features.

Eurescom has implemented CMS-based websites for a number of European projects – see for example the FI-STAR project website at or the ORPHEUS website at

Service Scope

The service scope of EuresTools® Website covered by the standard EuresTools® fee includes:

  • Hosting
  • Technical set-up and maintenance of WordPress content management system including standard WordPress theme and standard plugins
  • Website is kept 2 years online after project end

Additional services available upon request:

  • Implementation of page structure and site navigation
  • Editing of pages based on contents (text/images) provided by the client
  • Additional WordPress plugins