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Eurescom message - The magazine for telecom insiders

Eurescom message is a European ICT magazine focusing on research, development and innovation in the communications sector. The magazine is published two times a year and has a circulation of 2,400 copies. Eurescom message includes CELTIC News, the newsletter of the CELTIC-NEXT EUREKA Cluster.

Summer 2024

The evolution of Artificial Intelligence (AI) traces decades back, from an idea conceptualization in the halls of academia to its use in real-world scenarios. In this ever-evolving technological landscape, transformative

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Summer 2022

Extended Reality, short XR, is getting real, moving from hyped prototypes to concrete applications for different vertical markets. With the growing capabilities of networks and cloud solutions, demanding XR applications

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Winter 2021

While 5G networks are still being deployed, work on 6G, the sixth generation of mobile communication technologies, has already begun. In this issue of Eurescom message, we provide a glimpse

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Summer 2021

5G has further increased the importance of cybersecurity. While network security has already been of high importance, the new usage scenarios enabled by 5G have dramatically increased the stakes. Just

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Winter 2020

Cities play a key role in the transition to a sustainable economy and society. And information and communication technologies are of key importance for enabling cities to become sustainable. The

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Summer 2020

Artificial Intelligence is already used in 4G and the currently deployed 5G networks. That said there is still a huge potential for Artificial Intelligence (AI) to improve management and performance

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Winter 2019

Mobility is at the centre of many public discussions and technological developments. The rapid growth of transport and traffic, especially in urban areas, has come at the price of pollution,

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Summer 2019

The year 2019 is crucial for the development of 5G worldwide. That is particularly true for Europe, where network operators are bidding for 5G spectrum licenses and preparing for the

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Winter 2018

Network slicing has become one of the major concepts in 5G. What has driven the development of the slicing concept is the ambition to better utilise future networks. While some

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