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Securing of Research Funding

Eurescom - Launch of Industry Initiatives

Based on our long-term experience in European R&D programmes, we offer organisations and consortia our services for securing research funding. Our services cover the whole process, from evaluating the project idea up to concluding the negotiations with the funding institution.

Feasibility analysis

We check the relevance and substance of your project idea and analyse, if it is feasible under any of the EU funding programmes. This analysis will be the basis for all further steps.

Identification of the right funding programme

Based on the feasibility analysis, we identify the right funding programme for your project as well as the best suitable instrument. In Horizon Europe, for example, this would be the choice of the appropriate Pillar and Call Topic.

Project definition

We can help you define your project compatible to the chosen Call and strategic objective. This would also include support in structuring the project.

Consortium building

Eurescom has a large network of contacts to the major players in European ICT research. Through our network you will be able to assemble suitable partners in your consortium in order to create the critical mass for achieving your project goals. We help you to find the right partners. Furthermore, we support you in negotiating a consortium agreement among the partners.

Consortium support

Eurescom provides administrative and technical support for the consortium to work efficiently. This includes the management of IPRs, non-disclosure agreements and letters of intent.

Proposal writing and submission

We offer proposal writing by Eurescom’s experienced programme managers and editors, who will make sure that all formal requirements and evaluation criteria are met and that the proposal is written in the format required by the Commission. If required, Eurescom can also handle or control the electronic proposal submission.

Proposal evaluation

Before submission, we recommend to have an independent test evaluation of your project proposal by our experienced evaluators.

Grant agreement and consortium agreement

After the proposal has been selected for funding, we offer administrative support for getting the the grant agreement and consortium agreement done.


If you have any questions about our EU project proposal preparation service or would like to receive an offer, please contact us via e-mail at .