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Launch of Industry-Driven R&D Initiatives

Eurescom - Launch of Industry Initiatives

Eurescom provides comprehensive services for launching industry-driven R&D initiatives. This includes stimulating discussions among core members, providing fora, and organising events as well as setting up a formal structure for such initiatives.

Eurescom’s services include establishing the organisational structure and working procedures, the provision of meeting facilities and office space, and the management of the organisation’s activities.

In special cases, Eurescom offers to share the risk for setting up and running an industry-driven R&D initiative through pre-financing the organisational infrastructure and the management services in the launch phase.

Eurescom has long-term experience in launching and running industry-driven R&D initiatives, including the Celtic EUREKA Cluster and the European Future Internet Alliance (EFIA). Initiatives and organisations using our programme services benefit from our expertise and experience via fast set-up and cost-effective operation.



We have been providing R&D programme management services to the following initiatives:


EUREKA Cluster Celtic-Plus (predecessor of CELTIC-NEXT)

EUREKA Cluster Celtic (predecessor of Celtic-Plus)

Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF)