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Management of European R&D Projects

Eurescom has more than two decades of experience in managing European R&D projects, both public and private. This includes collaboration projects under the European Framework Programmes from FP5 to Horizon Europe as well as Eurescom’s own programme for telecoms network operators and service providers.

By default, we provide our project management support services as sub-contractor to the project coordinator. In cases of high strategic interest, we also consider coordinating a project, provided our effort is fully covered.

Benefits of using our services

Eurescom’s project management services enable project coordinators to focus on managing the general direction and the technological innovation aspects of the project instead of administrative details. The major part of the administrative work on micro-management level would be performed by experienced personnel at Eurescom. Thus, you can save time to focus on the contents of your project.

Under the EU’s Horizon Europe programme, our sub-contracted project management support services can be 100 percent financed by the EC contribution, provided you have included an explanation and a budget figure for the subcontracting in your project proposal.

Our project management support services are complemented by EuresTools®, our modular suite of Cloud-based project management tools.

Please contact us via e-mail at to discuss which of our project management services you need.

Scope of project management services

Reporting and controlling
  • Entering partner data into EuresTools Reporter and maintaining it based on input from the project management
  • Tracking inputs and reminding authors to contribute to the periodic work reports
  • Preparing reported data from EuresTools Reporter for reports to the Commission (e.g. interim reports, periodic reports)
  • Planning, tracking and analysis of the project’s financial performance, and report to the project management
Financial statements
  • Tracking, collecting and summarising Form C from project partners
  • Tracking and collecting audit certificates from project partners.
Web editing
  • Editing and maintaining of the project’s Web content (WordPress, HTML, CMS, Wiki) based on input from the project.
Deliverable management
  • Maintaining list of deliverables based on input from the project management
  • Tracking and collecting due deliverables
  • Reviewing quality of deliverables and feedback to the authors/project management
Mailing-list maintenance
  • Maintaining mailing-lists (via EuresTools Mail-List or an alternative tool used by the project).
Audio conference management
  • Planning of audio conferences (scheduling, drafting an agenda, sending invitations, etc., via EuresTools Audio-Conferencing or an alternative tool used by the project).
Web conferencing management
  • Logistics support for web conferences (invitations, structuring of agenda, capturing and processing recorded audio and speech; etc.)
  • Coaching of web conference moderator for an effective, objective-driven communication process
Event management
  • Hosting of project meetings at Eurescom facilities in Heidelberg, Germany (up to about 30 participants)
  • Providing support for meetings at other venues (e.g. venue preparation, production of badges and proceedings, etc.)
  • Organising the collection of participation fees for workshops and conferences
  • Organising the on-site registration desk for workshops and conferences
  • Organisation of brainstorming meetings, e.g. in Research Café format
Complementary services

In addition to our project management services we also offer our EuresTools suite for project collaboration and services for securing research funding.