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EuresTools Reporter

EuresTools® Reporter is a Cloud-based tool for fast and easy reporting of performed project work, resources and expenditures. Since 2003, it has increased the efficiency of numerous EU-funded research projects.

EuresTools® Reporter is compliant with the reporting requirements for EU-funded research projects in the Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe programme. Beyond EU projects, a modified version of EuresTools® Reporter is also used by all projects of EUREKA Cluster Celtic-Next. EuresTools® Reporter is future-proof, as it is continuously adapted to new requirements.

Benefits of EuresTools Reporter

  • Full compatibility to EC reporting requirements
  • Smooth export into EC forms for quarterly and annual reports
  • Easy access via any web browser
  • Intuitive web interface
  • Easy management of access rights
  • Automated reminder e-mails
  • Permanent availability 
  • Secure log-in
  • Reliable approval mechanism for project reports
  • Regular work summary reports with required number of levels; the frequency is fully customisable, e.g. monthly, bi-monthly, and quarterly work summary reports are possible
  • Ready-made, customisable forms for data entry of person months, budget figures, task descriptions, and deliverables
  • Customisable report levels, e.g. for work packages, activities, and tasks
  • Comprehensive options for sorting and finding reports

Service Scope

The service scope of Reporter covered by the standard EuresTools® fee includes:

  • Tool setup
  • Technical maintenance
  • User manual
  • Initial entry of project structure based on client input
  • Technical help desk
  • 2 years archiving of data after project end

Additional services available upon request:

  • Online user training
  • Quarterly reporting reminders to partners
  • Export and editing of data for periodic reporting