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Upcoming Events

👨‍💻Halid Hrasnica, Programme manager @Eurescom
collaborates in organization "International Workshop on Holistic 6G Radio Design" @EuCNC

📅 Monday, 3 June 2024
⏰ 9:00-12:30/ 14:00-17:30
⛳  Room Gorilla Room 1


👨‍💻Anastasius Gavras, Programme manager @Eurescom collaborates in organization of workshop "Architectural Considerations Enabling the IMT 2030 Framework by European 6G R&D Activities"@EuCNC

📅 Monday, 3 June 2024
⏰ 14:00-17:30
⛳ Room Galapagos


👨‍💻Uwe Herzog, Programme manager @Eurescom Chairs session 1 & collaborates in organization of the workshop "EU Collaborative Research & Innovation Focal Points in the SNS JU"@EuCNC.

📅 Monday, 3 June 2024
⏰ 9:00-12:30,
⛳ Room Nightingale

👉Details at:

⁉️Do you believe that raising #awareness about gender inclusivity & engaging stakeholders and EU projects can improve gender #diversity @6G_SNS ?

Join the WiTaR session at @EuCNC and hear from Pooja Mohnani @Eurescom!

Details at:

⁉ Curious to know about the #conceptual #framework for values-driven development for 6G?
Then check this ➡

Programme manager Anastasius Gavras, Eurescom
🎤presents at OpenRIT #6G on the stimulation of an evolution of test and #experimentation #infrastructures to measure #value!
Abstract available at:

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