5G-LEO - OpenAirInterface™ extension for 5G satellite links

5G-LEO aims to accelerate the development of OAI as an open-source tool allowing the exchange and comparison of 5G NTN results by the SatCom community and facilitating the collaboration in R&D activities. The extended OAI software library is seen as an important instrument to develop early prototypes for validating key 5G NTN design aspects and providing prompt feedback to the 3GPP standardization process. The main objectives of the 5G-LEO project are the following:

  • Review the reference scenarios and use cases identified for NR-NTN system deployments by 3GPP and selection of a 5G LEO baseline scenario to be implemented and verified with the extended OAI library.
  • Identification of the fundamental gaps and changes needed in the code base for properly extending OAI for the 5G LEO baseline scenario.
  • Implementation of the required OAI code adaptations for the different layers of the 3GPP protocol stack to support 5G LEO and closely following the developments in 3GPP standardization for 5G-NTN within Rel-17 and potentially in Rel-18.
  • Set-up an end-to-end 5G LEO demonstrator in the lab for experimental validation of the OAI extension for the 5G-LEO baseline scenario.
Contact at Eurescom: Adam Kapovits
Project Duration: 01/12/2021  31/07/2023
Coordinator: Adam Kapovits from Eurescom GmbH 
Budget: 599,759 €
Number of partners: 4
Grant Agreement Number: 5G-LEO is funded by ESA under contract number 4000135152/21/NL/FGL