ARIADNE Artificial Intelligence Aided D-band Network for 5G Long Term Evolution

The ARIADNE Pillars:

1) The ARIADNE project will develop new radio technologies for communications using the above 100Ghz D-Band frequency ranges

2) ARIDANE will exploit the opportunities emerging for advanced connectivity based on metasurfaces where objects in the environment can become tuneable reflectors for shaping the propagation environment in D-band

3) ARIDANE will employ Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence techniques to management necessary for the high-frequency communications and dynamic assignment and reconfiguration of the metasurfaces to provide continuous reliable High Bandwidth connections in the Beyond 5G scenario

Project Web site

Contact at Eurescom: Halid Hrasnica
Project Duration: 01/11/2019  31/07/2023 (Project was extended by: 9 months)
Number of partners: 
Grant Agreement Number: 871464