DAWN - Data-driven network controller and orchestrator for real-time network management

The DAWN project develops and implements techniques and algorithms that allow automated network control and management based on
• network-generated information – data-driven networking –,
• users’ data – context-awareness –, and
• measured and predicted performance of the network.
In addition to validating the performance of the algorithms through simulation DAWN also validates the proposed data driven techniques in the integrated 5G satellite-terrestrial test bed of SATis5.

Contact at Eurescom: Adam Kapovits
Project Duration: 01/11/2020  31/12/2022
Coordinator: Adam Kapovits from Eurescom GmbH 
Budget: 749,516 €
Number of partners: 5
Grant Agreement Number: DAWN is funded by ESA under contract number 4000131422/20/NL/AB