EdgeSAT Edge Network Computing Capabilities for Satellite Remote Terminals

EdgeSAT objectives are as follows:

  • Identify and review SatCom connectivity scenarios benefiting from edge networking capabilities;
  • Define Reference Architecture(s), identify critical functionalities, issues and potential solutions, building upon Multi-access Edge Computing, MAMS and/or 3GPP IAB, xRAN/ORAN specifications;
  • Detail the satellite enabled edge node architectures and requirements, including embedded computing/processing capabilities, and dimension and assess such capabilities according to the deployment use cases;
  • Specify Application Programming Interfaces (API) in order to ease services development on top of satellite enabled edge node architectures;
  • Investigate the impact to the overall service value chain and identify the business models needed to monetize the proposed infrastructure developments;
  • Demonstrate how an existing SatCom system could evolve in order to satisfy some of the identified use cases, with special attention to the coexistence and integration with terrestrial access networks and backhaul links, the management of the edge node resources and the scalability performance with large number of edge nodes;
  • Formulate a set of recommendations and strategic actions necessary for the European & Canadian industry to be able to address identified opportunities.
  • Formulate contributions to standardization bodies as and where applicable.

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Contact at Eurescom: Adam Kapovits
Project Duration: 02/04/2019  29/05/2022
Number of partners: 3
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