Full-5G Fulfilling the 5G Promise

Full-5G – Fulfilling the 5G Promise

his Full5G project has a prime objective to facilitate the activities of the European 5G Initiative, as outlined in the 5G contractual Public Private Partnership (5G PPP), during its’ third phase from September 2019 to August 2021.

In addition to this, the Full5G project has an objective to capture and promote the achievements of the 5G PPP and monitor impact these results have had on the evolution of 5G in Europe over the period of life of the 5G PPP.  This work will also look to the future and consider what additional actions are necessary to maintain the European momentum and leadership in 5G, as it moves towards Smart Networks, and facilitate the uptake of 5G by the European vertical sectors.

The Full5G project will work to progress the 5G PPP high level goal of maintaining and enhancing the competitiveness of the European ICT industry, and seeking European leadership in the 5G domain. Part of the strategy to do this will be to support activities where the 5G PPP can contribute to the implementation of the European 5G Action Plan, which was published by the EU Commission in September, 2016.  The Full5G project also has the underlying ambition to ensure that European society, via the Vertical sectors, can enjoy the economic and societal benefits these future 5G networks will provide.

Another key part of the anticipated Full5G project work will be the review and promotion of the results of the 5G PPP as a whole. The project will prepare an Impact Analysis that will capture the impact of the PPP on the evolution of 5G in Europe and seek to correlate this to the social and economic trends emerging from the uptake of 5G.  It will be early for this report as the full impact of 5G will not be experienced within the life of the project but the objective is to document the value added to the European economy and society by this strategic investment in 5G. This is an essential step contributing to planning of future private and public investments for 5G-enabled smart networks the Horizon Europe vision builds upon.

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