Privacy Aware and Privacy Preserving Distributed and Robust Machine Learning for Medical Applications

PAROMA-MED will develop, validate and evaluate a platform – based hybrid-cloud delivery framework for privacy and security- assured services and applications in federative cross-border environments. To this purpose, the project will develop new architectures, technologies, tools and services to support:

– automatic attestation of federation partners

– privacy- and security – by-design, integrating standard compliance and performance / QoS requirements into a policy framework
– consumers with their rights for opt-in / opt-out consent, portability and right to be forgotten requests, as well as transparency in access to their private-data.
– federative Identity and Access Management, based on Zero Trust principles, continuous risk assessment and on confidentiality, integrity and authenticity insurance
– privacy-preserving and trusted data – storage and – processing in federative environments
– flexible and secure access over the Internet to private-data and service resources
– AI / ML by-design, integrating platform services to be used by application developers for data-intensive applications
– Zero Touch deployment and automatic life-cycle management of services and applications
– managed Privacy and Security operations for automated policy enforcement and cyberthreat detection and mitigation

Efficiency and scalability will be ensured by the implementation of cloud-native solutions, while future adoption and further development is insured by open-source implementations. The project will validate and evaluate the PAROMA-MED framework by developing of a comprehensive Use Case with real users in the Healthcare sector. The project will create impact on the application- creation and delivery ecosystem (including standardization and legal stakeholders), on society and environment and manage the impact via dedicated activities and communication channels.

Contact at Eurescom: Alessandro Bassi
Project Duration: 01/07/2022  30/06/2025
Coordinator: Alessandro Bassi from Eurescom GmbH 
Budget: 4280497.50
Number of partners: 9
Grant Agreement Number: 101070222