SATis5 Demonstrator for Satellite-Terrestrial Integration in the 5G Context

SATis5 aims to build a large-scale real-time live end-to-end 5G integrated satellite terrestrial network proof-of-concept testbed. The demonstrator testbed implements, deploys and evaluates an integrated satellite-terrestrial 5G network, showcasing the benefits of the satellite integration with the terrestrial infrastructures as part of a comprehensive communication system.

Relevant satellite use cases for 5G to be demonstrated in SATis5 include enhanced mobile broadband (eMBB) and massive machine type communications (mMTC). The SATis5 demonstrator covers live, over-the-air GEO and MEO satellite field demonstrations in addition to laboratory emulations and simulations in a federation of testbeds. The demonstrator is an open federation of resources that can integrate or incorporate additional resources and testbeds in the future providing a more diverse set of experiments and demonstrations.

Contact at Eurescom: Adam Kapovits
Project Duration: 01/03/2019  30/04/2024 (Project was extended by: 28 months)
Coordinator: Adam Kapovits from Eurescom GmbH 
Number of partners: 6
Grant Agreement Number: SATis5 is funded by ESA under Contract No. 4000120663/17NL/CLP