Supporting The SNS JU Operations

Supporting the operations of the 6G Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking.
The SNS OPS project is devoted to supporting the SNS JU Operations. The planned work is to facilitate the activities
of the European SNS Initiative, as outlined in the SNS contractual partnership.
This includes:
• Support for the Smart Networks Services (SNS) institutionalised European partnership and the related programmatic
organisation through cross SNS projects coordination.
• Organisation of the SNS as a coherent programme with clear links to the 6G Infrastructure Association and the EC via
the partnership board and the JU Office and their strategic policies.
• Maximised output and exploitation of SNS project results in key domains (e.g., standardisation, spectrum) through
managed cooperation between projects on horizontal issues.
• Inter JU coordination and joint actions.
The SNS OPS project will also orchestrate and organise strategic activities to capture and promote the European view
on 6G, the achievements of the 6G SNS and will start the process of monitoring the development and impact of these
results on the evolution of 6G in Europe over the period of life of the 6G SNS initiative.
This work will also look to the future and consider what additional actions are necessary to maintain the European
momentum and leadership in 6G and facilitate the uptake of 6G by the European vertical sectors.
During the life of the SNS OPS project, the SNS JU will be launching and expanding its first phase activities and
preparing for subsequent phases.


Contact at Eurescom: Uwe Herzog
Project Duration: 01/01/2023  31/03/2025
Coordinator: Uwe Herzog from Eurescom GmbH 
Budget: 2908473.00
Number of partners: 13
Grant Agreement Number: 101095811