Pooja Mohnani

Pooja Mohnani draws more than decade of experience in Research, Training & Teaching. She is Project and Programme Manager at Eurescom. She joined Eurescom in 2022, focusing on the areas of mobile communication networks, AI and cloud. Her current interests are 6G SNS work program to reinforce European leadership in development & deployment of next generation network technologies to accelerate sustainable digitization of European industry. She is interested in innovation on top of 6G infrastructures and Future Internet platforms and the evolution of the networks in general.

She has experience in teaching at postgraduate and graduate level. She has published a large number of scientific papers and was a reviewer for Annual International Applied Research Conference. She is life member of Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE).  She believes in Digitization and Collaborating in World Wide Web environment.

She was awarded Honors in Master of Technology in Information Technology from School of Information Technology GGSIPU, Delhi and honors degree for Bachelors in Electronics and Communication. Pooja brings her extensive experience and knowledge to the project.