Xavier Priem

Xavier Priem brings with him over 28 years of Innovation experience, from research to portfolio management, across Industry, RTOs and Academia. He joined EURESCOM in December 2020, taking over the role of Director of the EUREKA CELTIC-NEXT Cluster in March 2021. On behalf of CELTIC-NEXT Management and Core Group, his mission is to develop the strategy, lead and further develop CELTIC-NEXT to one of the strongest European Innovation fostering instrument. He holds the CELTIC Roadmap, operations, relationships with the Eureka National Authorities, and the management and development of strategic partnerships with other Clusters and Funding Organisations like the European Space Agency.

Prior to joining EURESCOM and CELTIC-NEXT, Xavier developed an extensive experience in the creation and management of innovation programmes, starting with various positions in the Industry (large groups and SMEs), a Technology Research Institute, a regional public authority, and a well-known University.

Xavier’s interests are the definition of mid and long-term vision paths for ICT technologies and Services, and the development of research, funding and partnering strategies to enable this vision. His focus is the alignment of current and future ICT technologies, as well as the required public and private associated funding, with the development and launch of innovative, disruptive and sustainable business models and actions, such as Connectivity as a Utility, enabling all vertical industries and communities.

Xavier holds a MSc in Physics and an MBA with a specialisation in Innovation Management. Xavier is a recognized Innovation and Business Development Manager.