Winter 2019

5G for Connected and Automated Mobility

Mobility is at the centre of many public discussions and technological developments. The rapid growth of transport and traffic, especially in urban areas, has come at the price of pollution, congestion, and accidents. Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) offers now the opportunity to tackle many of these problems, especially as many enabling technologies have now reached a high level of maturity. Think of robotics, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, high-performance computers and, of course, 5G. In order to make the vision of better mobility a reality, the European Commission and industry have committed to large investments into R&D for CAM solutions. In this issue of Eurescom message, we provide an overview on the current status of 5G-based CAM development in Europe and present selected CAM-related R&D activities under the EU’s Horizon Europe programme.

Downloadable edition in pdf format:
Eurescom Message - Winter 2019 [16 MB]