Starting the Sustainable 6G SNS Initiative for Europe

The 6GStart prime objective is to facilitate the preparation activities of the European SNS Initiative, which will be contractually established in Q4 2021. This work will maintain the European momentum and leadership in 5G achieved through the 5G PPP to the 6G SNS Initiative. When the first phase of projects under the SNS initiative starts (end 2022/early 2023), the inter-project collaboration structures and mechanisms will be established and in place. As such, the action will ensure early implementation of the new SNS institutionalised European partnership and the programmatic organisation across SNS project’s coordination.

The second major 6GStart objective is to orchestrate, capture and promote the achievements of the new 6G SNS initiative and the ongoing 5G PPP by facilitating its activities in the inter-project working groups and maintaining the links to the NetworldEurope community and the 5G IA membership.

The 6GStart project will provide programme coordination, shared information spaces and increased stakeholder involvement by building on the strengths and assets of the platforms and communities established through the ongoing 5G PPP work. In this way, it will bring active communications network technologies and systems players, and novel relevant sector players into the new Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU) thereby allowing 6GStart to build on the work done to date to give Europe a leading role in the definition, provision, and exploitation of 6G by 2030.

Contact at Eurescom: David Kennedy
Project Duration: 01/05/2022  31/07/2024
Coordinator: David Kennedy from Eurescom GmbH 
Budget: 2874247.50
Number of partners: 16
Grant Agreement Number: 101069987