To-Euro-5G Supporting the 5G-PPP

EURO 5G – Coordination and support action for the 5G Infrastructure PPP (CSA)

The primary objective of the Euro-5g project is to facilitate effective and efficient co-operation and integration between all projects of the 5G-PPP, the European Commission, The 5G-Infrastructure Association, Networld2020 ETP, related projects from EUREKA, and related national initiatives to maximize the European momentum towards, and benefits from, the future 5G integrated, ubiquitous and ultra-high capacity networks. The metrics for evaluating the success of 5G PPP will be based on the KPIs included in the 5G-PPP Contractual Arrangement signed by the 5G Infrastructure Association on behalf of the European ICT Sector and the European Commission in December 2013.

This project is closely linked with the 5G-Infrastructure Association and will strive to ensure there is a seamless integration of the European industrial policies, as generated by the association, with the work plans of the projects under this program so the results will be as useful and relevant as is possible.

In its work, the Euro-5g project will actively support the 5G-PPP goal to maintain and enhance the competitiveness of the European ICT industry and to ensure that European society can enjoy the economic and societal benefits these future networks will bring in collaboration with the European Commission, the 5G Infrastructure Association, the Networld2020 European Technology Platform and the projects of the 5G-PPP.

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