Non-Public-Networks white paper

With considerable contributions from the projects 6G BRAINS and 5G-VINNI, the white paper on “Non-Public-Networks – State of the art and way forward”, was published today. Experts from Eurescom, namely Anastasius Gavras, have contributed to this white paper.

Non-public networks (NPNs) push the integration capability of 5G a step further by not only offering the integration of service capabilities specific and tuned towards verticals but building an entire concept of infrastructure provisioning around verticals. This is achieved by extending the architectural alignment of service-based architecture and enterprise service architecture to the capability of provisioning 5G hardware infrastructure, down to base stations in vertical industry sites. The use of private site-specific spectrum, utilized for 5G infrastructure, can be complemented by the possibility to utilize roaming into operators’ wide-area connectivity, if needed for the specific use case. The use of local spectrum disconnects NPNs entirely from previous operator-dependent deployment models. Ultimately, the vertical customer’s extended enterprise service architecture is now realized as a distributed data centre that spans its various sites albeit with the ultra-low latency and service-centric capabilities that are enabled by 5G. This white paper presents the state of the art of NPNs in the 5G and beyond 5G context and provides an outlook on possible evolution paths of this concept.

You can download the white paper from White Papers ‹ 5G-PPP or directly from Non-Public-Networks – State of the art and way forward | Zenodo

Feel free to cite this white paper as: [1] Mahmood, Kashif, Gavras, Anastasius, and Hecker, Artur. “Non-public-networks – State of the Art and Way Forward”. Zenodo, November 17, 2022.

Eurescom director at roundtable about 5G-enabled use cases on TelecomTV

TelecomTV 5G-VINNI Roundtable 1
TelecomTV - 5G-VINNI Roundtable 1
Discussing 5G-VINNI results (from left): moderator Guy Daniels, 5G-VINNI Coordinator Pål Grønsund from Telenor Research and David Kennedy, Director of Eurescom

On 21st September, TelecomTV published a roundtable video about 5G innovation for industry verticals. The session sponsored by 5G-VINNI partner Nokia featured two speakers from the project: 5G-VINNI Coordinator Pål Grønsund from Telenor Research and David Kennedy, Director of Eurescom. They discussed, how 5G-VINNI has contributed to unlocking the value of 5G-enabled use cases. Pål Grønsund shared the achievements and lessons learned through the 5G-VINNI project, while David Kennedy presented Eurescom’s perspective on the drivers behind the 5G PPP programme as a European, multi-vendor 5G environment for vertical industry-driven 5G use case trials.

On 5th October, a live online Q&A session took place, in which anyone interested had the chance to ask questions to David Kennedy and the other speakers from both sessions.

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5G-VINNI: 5G Innovation for industry verticals (Roundtables and Q&A)