AIM- A novel architecture for modelling, virtualising, and managing the energy consumption of household appliances (STREP)

The main objective of the project is to foster a harmonised technology for profiling and managing the energy consumption of appliances at home. AIM will introduce energy monitoring and management mechanisms in the home network and will provide a proper service creation environment to serve virtualisation of energy consumption, with the final aim of offering users a number of standalone and operator services.

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DAVINCI codes – Design And Versatile Implementation of Non-binary wireless Communications based on Innovative LDPC Codes

is a Specific Targeted Research Project (STREP) under EU Framework Programme 7 (FP7) that aims at developing theoretical tools and framework around Non-Binary Wireless communications based on new LDPC codes, whilst enabling and achieving new requirements from IMT-Advanced Systems, thus resulting into viable real-world future technology.

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The CHANGE project addresses a central problem of today’s Internet: its size and scope make innovation through the introduction of new core network technologies very difficult. The Internet suffers from “ossification”. Even minor changes only happen through the accretion of point solutions that embed knowledge in the network, optimizing today’s applications at the expense of tomorrow’s.

The goal of CHANGE is to reinvigorate innovation on the Internet, in order to better support current services and applications and enable those of tomorrow. This will be achieved by introducing a common concept of a flow-processing platform, instantiated at critical points in the network. Although the platform and its interfaces are common, the processing performed must be programmable, allowing the network to evolve and support the needs of rapidly changing applications. Such platforms can be built from commodity hardware – e.g. x86 servers and commodity switching chipsets –, and are both scalable and powerful while retaining the flexibility to quickly introduce processing primitives.

These platforms form the basis for CHANGE, but the vision is larger. The goal is an architecture that combines multiple communicating flow processing platforms to provide innovative end-to-end services to applications. Thus, conventional traffic flows can be processed at varying degrees of granularity, and application-specific virtual network overlays can be constructed, without impacting other network services or traffic. The aim is to do this within an architectural framework that allows application developers and network operators to reason about the emergent end-to-end behaviour. To validate the architecture, we will implement and deploy a set of novel and diverse applications and services.

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CONCORD (CSA – FI-PPP Programme)

The FI-PPP programme is facilitated and supported by CONCORD, a 5-year Coordination Action. CONCORD provides structures and processes for collaboration between all FI-PPP projects. In addition, the project ensures a coherent programme-wide vision-setting process in regard to business, policy and technological aspects of the FI-PPP. The programme-level activities are steered through the FI-PPP governance structure, which is facilitated by CONCORD.

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EIFFEL – Evolved Internet Future for European Leadership

The EIFFEL initiative is a Support Action (SA) for mobilising European researchers to discuss and debate the future of the Internet.

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eMobility – Coordination Action

The strategic objective of the eMobility CA project is to facilitate the emergence of a common understanding, between the European sector actors, leading to agreed road-maps and contributing to the global competitiveness of the European telecommunications sector on the following key challenges:

  • the need to integrate the road-maps of the mobile and wireless sector with those of the health, transport and the environment sectors,
  • the need to extend the eMobility Strategic Research Agenda to cover new technologies,
  • the need to support the definition of a European perspective on the Future Internet, positioning these views in the
  • international context, and
  • the need to build the opportunities to use Structural Funds to develop leading edge markets in Europe, promoting the take-up of the RandD output of collaborative projects.

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eMobilitySSA -Mobile and Wireless Communications and Technology Platform Specific Support Action

eMobility SSA is a Specific Support Action (SSA) for eMobility, the Mobile and Wireless Communications and Technology Platform. The mission of eMobility is to reinforce Europe’s leadership in mobile and wireless communications and services and to master the future development of this technology, so that it best serves Europe’s citizens and the European economy.

The purpose of this SSA is to support eMobility in accomplishing its mission by providing comprehensive secretariat and support services to the growing Technology Platform. eMobility SSA is funded by the European Commission under the 6th Framework Programme in the IST Priority.

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ENVIROFI – The Environmental Observation Web and its Service Applications within the Future Internet

ENVIROFI targets the large amounts of valuable environmental observation data which represent a wealth of information, currently not used. Therefore, integration with other fragmented data and information sources, traditionally managed by research and educational institutions and industries is required. ENVIROFI will address such important issues by specifying the requirements, and building conceptual prototypes, of the specific enablers of the environmental usage area in the Future Internet. It will bring these diverse stakeholder communities together to understand environmentally observed processes with higher spatial resolutions and contextual situation awareness at an unprecedented scale.

ENVIROFI will explore the advances needed by the stakeholder communities for secure access to decentralized, interactive Internet-enabled geospatial and intelligent fusion services using data from authorities, researchers, people and private sector organisations. It will allow all these participants to plug in their personalised experiments and also feedback into the ENVIROFI Environmental Observation Web.

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EX-FI – Expanding the European Future Internet Community

EX-FI is a Specific Support Action under EU Framework Programme 7 in the IST Priority which supports the European Future Internet research activities.

The project goal is to expand the European Future Internet Community by establishing a partnership scheme and by facilitating discussions among the stakeholders, in order to specify a number of usage areas and to indentify major R&D challenges.


FIRESTATION – Future Internet Research and Experimentation
Firestation provides the globally known FIRE (Future Internet Research and Experimentation) Initiative with an active support hub that guides and coordinates the demands and requirements of experimentation in the context of future networks and services.