Anastasius Gavras

Anastasius Gavras is Project and Programme Manager at Eurescom and has more than 25 years of professional experience in academic and industry research. He joined Eurescom in 2000 as programme manager for the areas of management of networks & systems, security and middleware. In these areas he has managed a large number of studies and projects on topics which are of concern to the Eurescom member community of European telecom network operators and the European telecom industry at large. He has served as coordinator of several RTD projects under the European framework programmes and has experience in standardisation among others in OMG and ITU-T for which he has served as rapporteur.

His current interests are large-scale testbed for enabling experimentation in 5G and Future Internet technologies and systems among others in the context of the 5G-PPP and the FI-PPP. He is interested in innovation on top of 5G infrastructures and Future Internet platforms and the evolution of the networks in general. He is a steering board member of the 5G PPP and is actively involved in several work groups in the area of 5G. He has coordinated large EU-funded projects like FI-STAR and reTHINK in the area of Future Internet. Currently he is involved in the coordination of several 5G related projects (5G-VINNI, 5GINFIRE, SliceNet). He is author or co-author of several papers and articles in the area. In addition, he is a member of the editorial board of ‘Eurescom message’ magazine and has authored several articles for the magazine, typically with a techno-socio-economic dimension.

Uwe Herzog

Uwe Herzog is Project and Programme Manager at Eurescom. He has more than 20 years of professional experience. Uwe has been involved in a number of EU-funded research projects as project coordinator, work-package leader and in other roles, including projects such as WINNER I and II, XIFI, eMobility NetWorld, UbiSec&Sens, WSAN4CIP, SPEED-5G, ORPHEUS, To-Euro-5G, 5G EVE and INSPIRE-5Gplus. Currently, Uwe coordinates the 5G-DRIVE project that aims to bridge current 5G developments in Europe and China through joint trials and research activities in order to facilitate technology convergence, spectrum harmonisation and business ( Uwe has also been evaluator and rapporteur in the FP7 and Horizon 2020 Call evaluation process in the area of Future Networks and SME-Instrument on Open Disruptive Innovation.

Uwe holds a M.Sc. degree in electrical engineering from the University of Chemnitz, Germany, and an MBA from the University of Mannheim and ESSEC Business School Paris. Uwe brings his extensive management experience and expert knowledge of the sector to the project.

Dr.-Ing. Halid Hrasnica

Dr. Halid Hrasnica is Project and Programme Manager at Eurescom, responsible for the NEM Initiative and the ARIADNE project. He joined Eurescom in 2006.

His main areas of expertise include the design of communications protocols, development of routing algorithms, performance evaluation of broadband communications networks, network planning and optimization. He published a large number of scientific papers and is member of IEEE Technical Committee Powerline Communications, guest editor in EURASIP Journal on Applied Signal Processing, and is member of Technical Program Committees for IEEE International Conference on Communications (ICC), IEEE Global Telecommunications Conference (GLOBECOM), IEEE International Symposium on Power-Line Communications and its Applications (ISPLC), and SPIE’s Next-Generation Communication and Sensor Networks conference. He is main author of the book “Broadband Powerline Communications”, published by Wiley and Sons in 2004, and main contributor to Wiley Encyclopedia of Telecommunications (2002) on the same topic. He was involved as researcher and project manager in several national and international research and development projects in various national and international frameworks as well as industry projects. He was task leader on standardisation issues in the EU FP6 Integrated Project OPERA.

He graduated in 1993 in electrical engineering at the University of Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. From 1993 to 1995 he was working in Energoinvest Communications in Sarajevo as developing software engineer for the telephone exchange systems. In 1995 he joined the Chair for Telecommunications at Dresden University of Technology, Germany, where he received his Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering and information technology in May 2004.

Ádám Kapovits

Adam Kapovits is Project and Programme Manager. He joined Eurescom in 2000 and has more than 25 years of professional experience in academic and industry research. In the networking area he has managed a large number of studies and projects on topics which are of concern to the Eurescom member community of European telecom network operators and the European telecoms industry at large.

He has participated in a number of European research and technology development projects and co-ordinated the FP7 project CHANGE, and more recently the RERUM project focusing on “REliable, Resilient and secUre IoT for sMart city applications”. He was the co-chair of the IoT European research Cluster (IERC) activity chain on governance, security and privacy for two years. In parallel, Adam has managed a chain of projects for the European Space Agency focusing on the convergence of terrestrial and satellite communication. Adam was also the co-editor of the 5G PPP white paper on the energy vertical, which has high relevance for IoT. Adam is also one of the editors of the Springer book “Designing, Developing, and Facilitating Smart Cities: Urban Design to IoT Solutions”. Adam considers IoT as the emerging dominant application domain of 5G, next to content delivery. Thus Adam’s interest focuses on the 5G, satellite and IoT triangle.

Currently Adam coordinates the EU H2020 project Internet of Radio Light, a 5G PPP project that focuses on the integration of visible light communications technology with remote radio heads in 5G networks for improved indoor communication, and he leads the European Space Agency project SATis5 – Demonstrator for satellite terrestrial integration in the 5G context, which will provide a testbed also serving IoT applications.

Pooja Mohnani

Pooja Mohnani draws more than decade of experience in Research, Training & Teaching. She is Project and Programme Manager at Eurescom. She joined Eurescom in 2022, focusing on the areas of mobile communication networks, AI and cloud. Her current interests are 6G SNS work program to reinforce European leadership in development & deployment of next generation network technologies to accelerate sustainable digitization of European industry. She is interested in innovation on top of 6G infrastructures and Future Internet platforms and the evolution of the networks in general.

She has experience in teaching at postgraduate and graduate level. She has published a large number of scientific papers and was a reviewer for Annual International Applied Research Conference. She is life member of Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE).  She believes in Digitization and Collaborating in World Wide Web environment.

She was awarded Honors in Master of Technology in Information Technology from School of Information Technology GGSIPU, Delhi and honors degree for Bachelors in Electronics and Communication. Pooja brings her extensive experience and knowledge to the project.

Xavier Priem

Xavier Priem brings with him over 28 years of Innovation experience, from research to portfolio management, across Industry, RTOs and Academia. He joined EURESCOM in December 2020, taking over the role of Director of the EUREKA CELTIC-NEXT Cluster in March 2021. On behalf of CELTIC-NEXT Management and Core Group, his mission is to develop the strategy, lead and further develop CELTIC-NEXT to one of the strongest European Innovation fostering instrument. He holds the CELTIC Roadmap, operations, relationships with the Eureka National Authorities, and the management and development of strategic partnerships with other Clusters and Funding Organisations like the European Space Agency.

Prior to joining EURESCOM and CELTIC-NEXT, Xavier developed an extensive experience in the creation and management of innovation programmes, starting with various positions in the Industry (large groups and SMEs), a Technology Research Institute, a regional public authority, and a well-known University.

Xavier’s interests are the definition of mid and long-term vision paths for ICT technologies and Services, and the development of research, funding and partnering strategies to enable this vision. His focus is the alignment of current and future ICT technologies, as well as the required public and private associated funding, with the development and launch of innovative, disruptive and sustainable business models and actions, such as Connectivity as a Utility, enabling all vertical industries and communities.

Xavier holds a MSc in Physics and an MBA with a specialisation in Innovation Management. Xavier is a recognized Innovation and Business Development Manager.

Dipl.-Ing. Christiane Reinsch

Christiane Reinsch works at Eurescom as Programme Coordinator in the office of EUREKA cluster CELTIC-NEXT. She joined Eurescom in 2014 as programme manager, focusing on the areas of service platforms and mobile communication networks. She has more than 12 years of professional experience in industry research.

In the EUREKA cluster CELTIC-NEXT, she is coordinating a wide range of projects. She is responsible for coordinating innovative industry driven projects covering the area of telecommunications, 5G, Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, Internet of Things (IoT), applications and services focusing on a smart connected world.

Before joining Eurescom she was lecturing in the field of secure mobile systems and embedded systems at Stuttgart Media University, Germany. Formerly she conducted research on the design of safe and secure multi-core real-time embedded operating systems at SYSGO, a Thales Group subsidiary, in Paris, France and Nagoya, Japan.